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Thursday, August 28, 2008

"August Evening" Opens In New York On Sept. 5

Just received an email promoting the theatrical release of a film called August Evening that I recall was nominated for a Film Independent Spirit Award earlier this year. It's opening in New York City next Friday, September 5!

Here's the announcement:

August Evening opens in NYC on next Friday, September 5! Even if you won't be in NYC, your help would be much appreciated.

Please help spread the word—the number of people who buy tickets during opening weekend will determine how many other cities and theaters the film will play in.

We hope you'll email your friends, and you can join the Myspace and Facebook pages:

It will play at City Cinemas Village East on 2nd Avenue between 11th and 12th. Tickets can be purchased here:

There won't be much publicity for the film, but there's supposed to be a Q&A on Fri/Sat nights, and the New York Times will include our actor Pedro Castaneda in the "Breakout Performances of the Year" section of their Fall Movie Preview on Sunday, September 7.

Thanks on behalf of all the cast and crew,
(more cities/dates listed on the website)



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