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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fundraising for AMPeter's "Hacker Ethic" now live on IndieGoGo.com

Here's an update from my post last week about the films Inspiration and Hacker Ethic, both currently fundraising on the awesome online social marketplace known as IndieGoGo.com, whose innovative mantra is Do It With Others (DIWO).

First off, Inspiration met it's $5,000 goal. Now, Hacker Ethic has begun it's first round of fundraising. Its goal is currently $2,500.

The first round of funds for Hacker Ethic will go toward camera, lighting & sound equipment rental. Hacker Ethic has 45 days to reach its goal from the day of the first contribution, so it depends on supporters like you to help make that happen. (FYI, AMPeters, director of Hacker Ethic, is also a contributing notetaker here at The Film Panel Notetaker, and I am also one of the producers of Hacker Ethic.)

The more one contributes, the more perks one receives. And once Hacker Ethic has met it's first goal, the team can move onto its next round of fundraising.

For more information on Hacker Ethic and to make a contribution, please go to the following link. Once there, be sure to click on the "Contribute Now" icon:

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