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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Help Film Projects Reach Their Fundraising Goals On IndieGoGo

This past weekend, I helped out filmmaker and frequent contributing notetaker AMPeters (NO Cross, NO Crown) begin work on Hacker Ethic, a provocative feature documentary that explores the politics and culture of the latest generation of hackers. One resource we'll be utilizing to raise funds for the film is the online social marketplace IndieGoGo (which The Film Panel Notetaker previously reported on here , here and here). IndieGoGo prides itself on its Do-It-With-Others (DIWO) methodology, which in short gives filmmakers the tools to reach out, provide incentives and engage their personal audiences. This is what Peters and I hope to do for Hacker Ethic, and this is what another production company, ISFilms, has already started to do.

The film Inspiration is the cornerstone project of IS Films, a student-run nonprofit organization that provides opportunities for college and high school students to get direct experience working on visual media arts projects. IS Films is dedicated to helping develop quality media and a diverse pool of highly skilled creative talent.

Inspiration is closing in on $4,000 in donations and they only have three days left in their IndieGoGo fundraising challenge! They need $1,200 more. To help them reach the magic number of $5,000, visit their IndieGoGo project page . Also of note, Inspiration last week received a Panavision 35mm GOLD Film Equipment Grant. The package includes 10 prime-lenses, 6 super-speed lenses, 20 Filters and Flex Fills... and a $325,000 custom-made Panaflex Film Camera...a grand total of $500,000 of professional equipment to help make a beautiful film. Way to go!

You can also visit Hacker Ethic's IndieGoGo project page, where fundraising will soon be started. I'll keep you posted on that.

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