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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

16th Annual Hamptons International Film Festival Announcement

Q: Where was the #1 panel discussion held in 2007 that The Film Panel Notetaker attended?
A: The Hamptons International Film Festival

Will it reach the same feat this year? You'll have to wait till the end of the year to find out, so in the mean time, here’s the festival's announcement below on what you can expect to see in October:

The Hamptons International Film Festival Sixteen Years in the Making

The 16th annual Hamptons International Film Festival will run October 15th through the 19th, celebrating some of the finest films from around the world. Spanning across the East End, from East Hampton, Sag Harbor, Montauk and Southampton, this year’s Festival promises everything we have grown to love from this culturally-rich festival, while expanding the international scope of films, industry and attendees. For more information: www.hamptonsfilmfest.org.

“This is a very exciting time,” says Executive Director, Karen Arikian. “The Hamptons International Film Festival has proven itself in so many ways over the past fifteen years, and is now poised to take a more prominent position in the global film festival market. I feel privileged to be part of the current team of hard working and highly creative individuals who are dedicated to fostering the growth of this wonderful festival.”

This year will welcome a number of new additions, while continuing many of the popular programs, including: Conflict and Resolution, World Cinema, Narrative & Documentary competitions, Spotlight Films, Shorts, The Rising Stars and (straight from The Berlin Film Festival) The Shooting Stars program, The Alfred P. Sloan Award, Conversation With…and many more.

“We continue to see new, exciting developments from filmmakers in countries such as Germany, Israel, Romania and Denmark - filmmakers willing to take risks and push the creative envelope in ways that are defining the new face of cinema,” Festival Programmer, David Nugent states. “We are honored to bring these films to audiences who might otherwise not know about the movements in film that continue to flourish around the world."

Some advance highlights of the 2008 Festival include:

The 2008 Festival poster will be an original creation by acclaimed artist and East End resident, Malcolm Morley.
A man of many talents and visions, know for his individuality in the art world, Malcolm Morley was the first artist to win the Turner Prize, in 1984. Morley’s life has been his source of motivation and his trials have influenced his work and styles over the years from Abstract Expressionism to Neo Expressionism. He has received many prestigious awards and continues to be courageous in the expression of his artwork.

Hamptons/indieWIRE ‘Industry Toast’
Founder and Co-Chairman of Fortissimo Films Wouter Barendrecht, will be honored at this year’s Industry Toast: an intimate Festival event celebrating his energy, vision, and acumen, which enhances the industry and propels the art of film to greater heights. Master of Ceremonies, John Cameron Mitchell, will join colleagues and friends, to raise a glass to Mr. Barendrecht. Past ‘Toastee’s include: Sony Picture Classics Co-President Marcie Bloom, Picturehouse President Bob Berney and producer Ted Hope.

Israel at 60
This year, the Hamptons International Film Festival will celebrate Israel's 60th Anniversary with a program focusing on films and filmmakers from contemporary Israel. The "Israel at 60" program will feature films both by emerging directors as well as acclaimed masters, and will shed light on the current state of the nation of Israel and it's culture, identity and people. In addition to the screenings, we will hold a panel discussion with the filmmakers and finally, we are offering our audiences the opportunity to “create peace in the Middle East” via the video game “Peacemaker”, designed by Asi Burak, and featured at Sundance Film Festival and other notable international events.

CNN iReport Film Festival
Excited about the election? Have a video camera? CNN has put out a call to all aspiring filmmakers to make a short film for the iReport Film Festival, an online festival of short films from the campaign trail! The films will cover anything from a topic or candidate, to a behind-the-scenes look at a campaign or grassroots political organization. Judges include Richard Roeper (At the Movies with Ebert & Roeper) and Alex Gibney, whose film, Taxi to the Dark Side wowed audiences at the 2007 Hamptons International Film Festival and later went on to win a 2008 Academy Award. The films chosen will have their world premiere at the 2008 Hamptons International Film Festival. And from there the chance to be featured on Anderson Cooper 360°.

The Hamptons International Film Festival is once again proud to be teaming up the following sponsors: The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Heineken, Fox 5 New York, OK! Magazine, Kodak, The Hallmark Channel, Lifetime Movie Network and Silvercup Studios. In addition, the Festival is pleased to welcome new sponsors RoC (which has launched a national ticket sweepstakes to bring five lucky winners to the Festival), Andrew Saunders & Associates Real Estate, Nespresso, A&E Indie Films and Traditional Home Magazine. While the reach extends around the world, it would not be so without Presenting Sponsors, Altour International and American Airlines. Their significant contributions and support help bring filmmakers from around the world to the Hamptons for the intimate dialogues for which the Festival is famous.

The Hamptons International Film Festival has screened some of the best films of our time and the 16th year will be sure to continue this tradition. A few of the films that started at the Hamptons and went on to critical acclaim include: “Nowhere In Africa,” “No Man’s Land”, “Open Water,” “Evil,” “Hotel Rwanda,” The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till,” “A Touch of Greatness,” “In The Bedroom,” “Kinsey,” “Pollock,” “The Triplets Of Belleville”, “Walk The Line”, “Body of War”, “The Savages”, and many others.

The Hamptons International Film Festival was founded to celebrate independent film - long, short, narrative and documentary - introducing a unique and varied spectrum of international films and filmmakers to our audiences. The festival is committed to exhibiting films that express fresh voices and differing global perspectives, with the hope that these programs will enlighten audiences, provide invaluable exposure for filmmakers and present inspired entertainment for all. The 16th Annual Hamptons International Film Festival will be held October 15 through October 19, 2008. Announcements on additional films, programs, events and guests will be forthcoming.



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