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Friday, September 22, 2006

An inconvenient truth about a Brooklyn rooftop (original post 6/5/06)

Saturday night, I hopped on the G-train to Carroll Street in Brooklyn, walked three-long blocks past the Gowanas Canal, and met up with my new pal Agnes Varnum at Rooftop Films in the Old American Can Factory. It was an uncommonly chilly and rainy June evening, but luckily, my trusty $25 retractable umbrella kept us semi-dry as we enjoyed a screening of The Real Dirt on Farmer John, a terrific documentary about a third-generation flamboyant farmer who managed to reinvigorate his family's farm after many years of hardships, and strange hippy tripping encounters. Its a touching, funny, sad, and inspiring film, and I learned a lot about farming, too.

In other documentary-watching news, I met up with my friend Sarah yesterday at the Sunshine Cinema, where we saw An Inconvenient Truth. The whole reason we went to see it was this A few days ago, I emailed Sarah a personal rant I was having, and her reply was a social-issue related rant about bringing up children in a world of global warming. Neither rant had a lick to do with the other, but we often share rants, and hers got me thinking to go see An Inconvenient Truth. Coincidentally, after our mid-week rant, I received a booklet in the mail from the New York City Department of Environmental Protection- the 2005 Drinking Water Supply and Quality Report. This further fueled my interest in seeing An Inconvenient Truth. Both Sarah and I seemed to agree that Al Gore is splendid at giving slide shows on film, and we promised to visit the website at the closing credits to learn even more about how we can help save the world.



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