g The Film Panel Notetaker: IFP Market 2004 (notes originally posted 1/10/06)

Friday, September 22, 2006

IFP Market 2004 (notes originally posted 1/10/06)

As I mentioned in my first Film Panel Notetaker blog, I'll be posting OLD notes from OLD panel discussions. Hey, why not? You can always learn from the past.

The notes I took for the 2004 IFP Market & Conference are so huge, that I decided to convert them into a PDF, and since Myspace is not letting me attach a file to this blog, I have created a link to the PDF on my own personal website.

Here is the link to access the file:

Sorry for the inconvenience. When you're done reading my notes, please come back to my blog, and post your comments. As always, if you were at any of the panel discussions I attended, your additional notes in the comments space are incredibly appreciated.

The Film Panel Notetaker

PS- A few more OLD panel discussion notes will be posted soon, and then... brand NEW panel discussion notes from my experience at the New York Women in Film & Television's panel discussion last night. Stay tuned!


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