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Friday, September 22, 2006

Audience Development Seminar (original post 1/16/06)

Here's another oldie, but goodie. This should be helpful to those wanting to learn about publicity for films (and as a bonus, theater). Were you there? Post your own notes in the comments section. Werent there, but have a question? Some constructive feedback? Post those in comments too. Reader interaction is strongly encouraged and appreciated. This goes for any and all postings. Thanks!

The Film Panel Notetakers notes from

Stellar network
audience development seminar
October 25, 2004

Jeffrey Abramson
Head of film division at Gen Art.

Nicolette Aizenberg
Regional publicity and promotions at IDP Distribution (Samuel Goldwyn Films & Roadside Attractions).

Shani Ankori
Marketing at IDP Distribution (Samuel Goldwyn Films & Roadside Attractions).

Seth D. Carmichael
CEO, Carmichael Films, an independent film production, publicity, marketing and sales company.

Reva Cooper
Director/Owner of marketing and public relations business for Broadway, commercial Off-Broadway, and NFP theaters.

Beck Lee
Runs Media Blitz, a theatrical press agency for Off-Broadway.

Arwen Lowbridge
Development Consultant with Fractured Atlas, NFP for small theater and arts organizations.

Aaron Meier
Theatrical press agent at Boneau/Bryan-Brown for Broadway.

Michael Ventura
Co-Founder and Creative Director of Short Labs, a non-traditional media agency.

Marketing and Publicity for Film

Traditional Paths
Advertising print (newspapers)
Grassroots/niche marketing
Campaign Poster/Key Art
Get reviews from festivals, then set release date
Ex) Super Size Me acquired by IDP at Sundance, press release sent out. Also sent director Morgan Spurlock on publicity tour before the release in May. He was willing and able.
Send press releases to:
Trade Press The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Screen International
Long Lead Press
Regional Press Usually need to give three weeks notice.
Goal: Interviews, Features, & Reviews (Run the day the film opens)
Call critics. Encourage, but dont harass.

The most important element.
Use actual production stills, not digital screen captures or behind-the-scenes moments.

Packaging & Community Building
Stage 1 Understand your product
Create buy-ins & co-brand
Ex) Short Labs teamed with Vibe on event for urban romance short.
Stage 2 Understand your audience
Focus on niche audience (most vocal), then build to wider audience (crossover).
Try to get specific communities/organizations to buy blocks of tickets.

Marketing and Publicity for theater

Buzz It takes about 6 weeks to build buzz in theater.
Get preview coverage.
Be professional to the press.
Photography- Should capture the essence of the show.
Think about how you are going to fill the house.
Plan ahead. Do your research.
Papering Lists

Product (The Show)
Know product as intimately as possible.
Whats unique about it?

Books and other recommendations

The Tipping Point Tipsters: People who get into plays & films for free and talk about them. Build word of mouth.

Confessions of a PR Man

Madison & Vine

Down & Dirty Pictures

Learning Audiences

Subscribe Now

The Anatomy of Buzz

The Fader Magazine & Fader Films

Indiewire www.indiewire.com

Foundation Center www.fdncenter.org

Talking Broadway www.talkingbroadway.com

Save the New York Times listings www.savethelistings.com



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