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Friday, September 22, 2006

IFP Market 2005 (original post 1/11/06)

As you can see, I only have notes from the lone panel discussion I attended at the 2005 IFP Market & Conference. Since I started my new day job, unfortunately I only had that one opportunity to go, which gives you an even greater opportunity to share your notes in the comments section from any of the other panel discussions I was not so fortunate to attend.

The Film Panel Notetakers Notes From
IFP Market & Conference 2005

"The Future of Television & Film: VOD & Other New Routes"
September 19, 2005

The speakers included Moderator Eugene Hernandez (Editor, Indiewire), Evan Shapiro (Executive VP and General Manager, IFC), Ted Sarandos (Acquisitions Executive, Netflix), and Brian Barrett (Senior Manager of Business Development, Sprint Corporation).

Evan Shapiro of IFC discussed that there are now more choices for content distribution than ever before, and it will continue to grow. Methods of delivery are more diverse. Sited podcasting as an example. "Control is now in the hands of the consumer." On IFC.com, there is something called the Media Lab, where users create content, and can upload and rate short films. Also of note, he said that there is a "big demand for HD content."

Ted Sarandos discussed the Netflix model. The company's goal is to service the whole country with one inventory. The value is being able to audience match, and DVDs portable and convenient.

Brian Barrett of Sprint said that Sprint has been offering TV on cell phones for 2 years. Used to be 2 frames per second, now up to 15 frames per second. It will improve over time. Ratings of cell phone content is in the works.



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