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Monday, March 10, 2008

SXSW - Bi The Way - March 8, 2008

SXSW Film Conference & Festival
Bi The Way
World Premiere
Friday, March 7, 2008
Alamo Lamar 1 – 9pm

Video: The filmmakers with the cast of Bi The Way pose for a jump shot after the World Premiere at SXSW.

Directors: Brittany Blockman & Josephine Decker
Producer: Martha Shane
Cast: Josh Caouette, Jonathan Caouette, David Chapman, Lisa Diamond, Helen Fisher, Michael Musto, Pamela Moore, Dan Savage, Tahj, Taryn Wayne

Bi The Way is a feature documentary where filmmakers Brittany Blockman & Josephine Decker travel across U.S. to meet men and women from all walks of life who speak about what it means to be bisexual in America. After the World Premiere screening at SXSW, the two along with producer Martha Shane and several of the film's interviewees answered questions from the audience.

Q: What inspired you to make Bi The Way?

Brittany: It all started with an accidental viewing of The OC in the spring of 2005. I heard it was the 90210 of the new generation. I dropped the remote and was completely shocked to see Mischa Barton's character kissing another girl. Almost every mainstream show was featuring a bisexual character. I wanted to find out what was going on with the bi-media buzz, ie. Madonna & Britney Spears. We wanted to get in touch with America. I think we're going through a sexual revolution.

Josephine: The idea was scary to me. It's been a real journey, both emotionally and spiritually. I came from a liberal family in a conservative part of Dallas, but sexuality wasn't something we talked about.

Q: How did you find your subjects to interview?

Brittany: Through the Internet, word of mouth and Myspace.

Josephine: We really spent a long time in Utah trying to find bisexual Mormons, for example.

Q: How hard was it to get permission to go on school grounds to talk about sexuality?

Martha: People were open. We were honest with them. It's a question of being forthright with people.

Q: Did you get confused with labels?

Brittany: We were looking for people who encapsulated the whatever generation. Everyone has their own individual unique experiences. I don't think there is any prescription for bisexuality.

Josephine: The original title was going to be "In Search of the Ultimate Bisexual."

Brittany: One of our goals with this movie was to make it okay to say, "I don't know what I am."

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