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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Tribeca Film Festival - April 27, 2007 Recap

Today, I started out at the Documentary Filmmakers Press Meet & Greet at the Target Filmmaker Lounge next to Tribeca Cinemas where I spoke with several filmmakers whose documentaries are playing at the festival and a few others who are part of the Tribeca All Access program (see pictures below). I also spoke with Jeremy Taylor of Film Festival Today magazine. I then moved along to BMCC TribecaPAC where I picked up A.M. Peters who had been taking notes there at the TribecaTalks "Bringing Home the Bacon" panel discussion. (She'll be posting those notes here soon). We then headed over together to the Broad Street Ballroom for the Documentary Filmmakers Party where I ran into Karina Longworth of Vidiocy who told me she'll be blogging on Spout.com during the festival, and also met Ryan Harrington of A&E IndieFilms and Stephen Wyden of Wyden Media Pix. Also in attendance was Alexis Arquette, the star of the documentary "Alexis Arquette: She's My Brother" that's playing at the festival.

Michael Apted- Director, "The Power of the Game" playing at the Tribeca Film Festival. Apted also directed the acclaimed "7 Up" series, most recently with "49 Up." His narrative features include "Gorillas in the Mist" and "Amazing Grace," which is currently in theaters.

Tribeca All Access Director Tze Chun, "Artificial Dissemination" & Director Dara Bratt, "In Vivid Detail"

FYI, Dara told me she may attend the TribecaTalks Sloan Panel Discussions.

Tribeca All Access Director Edwin Pagan & Producer Bienvenida Matias, "Bronx Burning"

Alan Gary & Luis Pedron of FanclubX

Carolina Cruz-Santiago, Director & Laurent Alfieri, Cameraman - "Aloha New York"

Mohammed Ali Naqvi, Director/Producer - "Shame"

Henry Priest, Co-Producer - "Beyond the Mat"

Melissa Davis, Robbie Cavolina, Ian McCrudden - "Anita O' Day, The Life of a Jazz Singer"

Vivien Lesnik Weisman & Friend - "Man of Two Havanas"

Nancy Jundi - Runway.com & TheSpout.com



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