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Monday, April 16, 2007

Life on the Film Panel Circuit - Filmmaker Rob Stewart, "Sharkwater"

Life on the Film Panel Circuit - Filmmaker Rob Stewart, Sharkwater

1. Name

Rob Stewart

2. Website, blog, or podcast, etc.

Sharkwater.com, blog: abandonfear.com

3. Bio

I'm a biologist and wildlife photographer that became a film maker in the process of making the award winning documentary, Sharkwater.

4. What was the most recent film panel discussion you participated in? Where did it take place? Were you a panelist or moderator?

2007 Gen Art Film Festival (NYC) - Panelist on the Media Ecology discussion

5. What lessons did you take from this most recent panel discussion?

Best to keep panel discussions interesting and engaging - upbeat, informative and fun.

6. What was your favorite panel discussion you ever participated in and why?

not sure

7. In general, do you have any favorite or least favorite questions asked of you by either the moderator or the audience?

Favorite question is, "aren't we doomed, or too far gone already?" because this brings out the beauty of humanity, and the power of the human brain and culture to effect change.

8. If you could program your "dream" panel discussion, what would it be about and who besides yourself, should be on it?

Myself, Einstein, Yoda, and the Dalai Lama, and President Bush.

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At 3:22 PM , Blogger The Film Panel Notetaker said...

Indiewire.com reports that "Sharkwater" took the top prize at the 2007 Gen Art Film Festival. Read all about it here:


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