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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Attention film panelists & moderators!

"Life on the Film Panel Circuit" is a chance for film panelists and/or moderators to share their experiences with the film panel notetaking and attending community.

If you have ever participated in a film panel discussion as either a moderator or a panelist, please take a moment to fill out the survey below. I will post a new survey on The Film Panel Notetaker everytime someone fills one out.

1. Your Name

2. Your website, blog, or podcast, etc.

3. One- to three-sentence brief bio about yourself

4. What was the most recent film panel discussion you participated in? Where did it take place?Were you a panelist or moderator?

5. What lessons did you take from this most recent panel discussion?

6. What was your favorite panel discussion you ever participated in and why?

7. In general, do you have any favorite or least favorite questions asked of you by either the moderator or the audience?

8. If you could program your "dream" panel discussion, what would it be about and who besides yourself, should be on it?

If you would also like me to post your headshot or perhaps a picture of you at a film panel discussion, please send me a JPEG image.

Thank you very much!


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