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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Film Panel Notetaker Turns One

It's hard to believe, but on December 16, it will officially be one year since The Film Panel Notetaker was created. It all started when I came back home from a film panel discussion about film blogging I attended at the Apple Store in Soho. I had this epiphany that I could do something constructive with not only that night's notes, but all the notes I could find that I ever took at film panel discussions. So I logged onto my Myspace profile, and started posting my notes there. For the next couple of months, I attended some more film panel discussions, and posted some more notes, up until about September when I attended several panels at IFP's Filmmaker Conference, when I decided to re-launch The Film Panel Notetaker at its own URL, www.thefilmpanelnotetaker.com.

Since then, The Film Panel Notetaker has received some wonderful press from my hometown newspaper, The Buffalo News, to other film news bloggers such as The Reeler (not only once, but twice) and GreenCine Daily.

Here's a look back at some of my favorite posts in the past year:

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Here's hoping for more great film panel discussions to attend in 2007, and as always, if you attended any of the same discussions I did, and would like to contribute any notes I may have missed, please send them my way, or if you went to a film panel discussion, filmmaker Q&A, seminar, etc., that I did not go to at all, then I'd be happy to post your notes here, too.

Happy holidays and new year!


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