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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Shooting People's Pick of the Day

Thanks, Shooting People, for making TFPN your Pick of the Day!

(If you're unable to view the link above, I believe you'll need to log into your Shooting People account. If you're not signed up with Shooting People yet, click here. Otherwise, I've posted the blurb below.)

14. The Film Panel Notetaker From: Ingrid Kopp
Do you kick yourself for missing film events and discussions that may contain that nugget of film wisdom that will change your life? Never fear! Brian Geldin is here to cover these events for you on his blog:
"I created The Film Panel Notetaker as a way for film industry novices, as well as veterans, to access notes at panel discussions they were not able to attend themselves," said Geldin. "I welcome guest notetakers for panels I cannot attend myself, and I encourage anyone who attends the same panels as me to post their own notes in the blog's `comments' section."
Check out September's posts for coverage of the IFP Market panels.
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