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Monday, September 22, 2008

Catching Up with "The Holy Modal Rounders: Bound to Lose"

In preparation for the October 28 DVD release of The Holy Modal Rounders: Bound to Lose via Carnivalesque Films, here's a One-on-One Q&A below with Paul Lovelace, co-director of the film along with Sam Douglas. As a refresher, The Film Panel Notetaker took to Anthology Film Archives last December for a screening of the documentary about the folk/psychedelic rock band Holy Modal Rounders.

TFPN: Now that the film has come full circle, when you look back to reflect on the whole experience, what have you learned from it all? Would you do anything differently in terms of anything...the production process, the distribution, the marketing, etc.

Lovelace: EVERYTHING has been a learning process. However I'd say we minimized major fuckups by and large. But keep in mind this question spans over 8 years. Nothing glaring comes to mind. From the beginning we tried to keep costs low and utilize talented folks around us. This includes everyone from the band to our wonderful distributors at Carnivalesque. I realize this is a politician like non-answer to let me dig for an example. We were late in the game for MySpace and Facebook and our own website. I would highly recommend developing a web presence early on. Throw a few sample clips up. Write a blog. Build interest and begin the ever important outreach process. Especially if you want to have any sort of theatrical life.

TFPN: What have you done in preparation for the DVD? Are there any special features or new interviews and updates?

Lovelace: TONS of extras. Everything from rare Sweden footage of the band in the early 70's to a tribute to key band figure Antonia and her clutch songwriting. And, there's plenty of deleted scenes and music performances. We also have liner notes by Nick Tosches and Peter Stampfel.

TFPN: How did your partnership with Carnivalesque Films come about? Did you approach them, or they you?

Lovelace: They are friends, peers and highly inspiring. We have been long impressed by their dedication to their own films and passion for others, docs and otherwise. Plus, speaking of outreach, they are second to none. David and Ashley really liked our movie and wanted to work together. If they are as passionate about Carnivalesque as they are to their own productions I'd say the future is bright.They are working filmmakers. They know filmmaking. They watch films. And they are solid citizens. What more can you ask for?

TFPN: What, if any, new projects have you started working on or are currently working on?

Lovelace: Still knee deep in a doc about legendary radio personality Bob Fass and his long running FM program Radio Unnameable. Lots happening there. Sam is about to start editing his doc on the architect Samuel Mockbee, whose design/build program the Rural Studio has been a shot heard 'round the world for green building and people who want to infuse their profession with service and social responsibility. Stay tuned!

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