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Friday, September 19, 2008

How to contribute to Andrew Berends' translator's legal fees

On Tuesday of this week, I attended a welcome home party for filmmaker and journalist Andrew Berends, who had been arrested with his translator, Samuel George, and Joe Bussio on Sunday August 31st in Port Harcout Nigeria while filming at the local waterfront. Andrew has since returned home, but Samuel George's legal status remains undetermined. I received the following email about how people can make further contributions to supporting Samuel's and Joe's legal fees:

"Thanks to all who have expressed interest in donating to support Samuel's and Joe’s legal fees. And thanks very much to those who have contributed already. To make it easy, we have set up a ChipIn so that you can contribute on-line. To learn how you can contribute, please visit: http://helpandy.chipin.com/ We really need your participation. It is important that translators and local journalists around the world know they can do their jobs without fear for their lives, their families, or the expenses they will incur on our behalf."

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