g The Film Panel Notetaker: An Introduction to Sony's New XDCAM EX Camera System- The Little Camera That Will @ SXSW, 3/10/08, 11am.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

An Introduction to Sony's New XDCAM EX Camera System- The Little Camera That Will @ SXSW, 3/10/08, 11am.

Mike DesRoches
, Sony Electronics Sales Support Engineer

Lately I've been in the market to get a prosumer camera for my YouTube work, and possibly, depending on the model and the affordability, make my next movie as well. I had a chance to view this camera at SXSW's trade show the day before:

DesRoches started the panel asking for a show of hands: How many of us owned a prosumer camera, and how many of us were interested in buying one. I raised my hand at the latter. He encouraged the audience to look around and find the camera that's right for them. My main issue is that DesRoches spoke at a rapid fire pace that was sometimes too fast for me to keep up while I was taking notes.

The Sony XDCAM EX is a small (for a prosumer camera) that has many benefits that a larger camera has. It's capable of a full HD frame with a pixel ratio of 1920 x 1080, and also a smaller pixel ratio of 1080 x 720. It stores video footage in an MPEG-2 Format with up to 140 minutes on a 2x16 GB Card.

The user is able to set the frame rate of 24P, expanded focus, and the option to over or undercrank. And those interested in stop motion claymation would be relieved to know that now you can finally create your homage to the Rankin-Bass cartoons that play every hoilday season. The camera has a capability of shooting at 2, 6, & 12 frames per second. The XDCAM EX also comes with an auto focus assist.

DesRoches then showed a demonstration of footage made with the XDCAM EX at the trade show, of a toy carousel rotating.

The camera comes with a battery charger, cables, firewire, operating instructions, a wireless remote and shoulder strap. If it's shipped within the United States, it comes with a free memory card. In DesRoches' personal opinion, it's the best camera you can find under $22K.

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