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Saturday, March 22, 2008

GenArt Film Festival Panels Planned

GenArt Film Festival is back again April 2-8 in New York City. In all, seven features and seven shorts will be shown. And on Saturday, April 5 and Sunday, April 6, two panel discussions are planned.

Saturday April 5th, 5pm
Join the filmmakers of Surfwise and other panelists for a discussion about the intersection between life and cinema. There are a few real life characters that have pushed the boundaries of what it means to live life to its fullest and have captured their lives through cinema as Doc Paskowitz does in Surfwise. How do filmmakers choose their subjects (both documentary and narrative) and why do audiences value the capturing of life’s adventures on film and living vicariously through movies. The movie going experience has become such an integral part of our culture - what impact does movies have on our lives and society? And why is it that this art form seems to transcend most others in ability to move those who consume it.

Sunday April 6th, 5pm
An intimate discussion with the filmmakers and actors behind Half-Life and Frost on the cinematic journey from concept to creation and finished product to festival premiere.What does it take to get a film on screen in today’s entertainment climate? And what are the key moments or epiphanies that advance a project forward? It takes more than equipment, money and relationships to get a movie made and make a name for oneself in this business – it requires a certain chutzpah, drive and possession. Come learn how these filmmakers and actors have overcome challenges on the road to seeing their dreams come to life and where they are heading next.

And here's a video from one of last year's panel, Media Ecology, where I took notes. FYI, this panel made it to # 5 on my top 10 panels of 2007. And here's the official GenArt video from that panel:

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