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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Favorite Films of 2007

This may be my last post in 2007, so in honor of that, here's my list of my favorite films I saw in 2007. No. 1 & No. 10 haven't had theatrical releases yet, but did play at festivals. I'm not really following any "Best Of" rules here, just letting you know what some of my best cinematic experiences were of the year, for one reason or another. I'm actually quite surprised at the number of films I've yet to see, but I really want to see them as soon as I'm able, so I've included a mention of those films as well. When I go to film festivals, I primarily spend a lot of my time at panel discussions, which as you already know, I'm a pretty big fan of, and occasionally I get to see some of the films. My goal in 2008 is to cover just as many or more panels as I did in 2007, and also to see a whole lot more films.

1. The Gates

2. I'm Not There

3. Ratatouille

4. No Country for Old Men

5. Juno

6. Great World of Sound

7. Grindhouse

8. Away From Her

9. Billy the Kid

10. Waitress

Plan to see soon:

There Will be Blood, The Diving Bell & The Butterfly, The Savages, Lars & The Real Girl, Into the Wild, Eastern Promises, The Orphanage, Kurt Kobain About a Son, Sweeney Todd, Margot at the Wedding, Gone Baby Gone, Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, Persepolis, Starting Out in the Evening, Superbad


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