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Monday, January 25, 2010

Pledge to "Ghosts of Zion" on IndieGoGo

Actor turned filmmaker Michael Stever's feature film in pre-production, Ghosts of Zion, is fundraising on IndieGoGo.com. To pledge, please click on the widget below.

‘Ghosts Of Zion’ is a ‘cautionary tale’ about a young, newly married Mormon couple who both bring some secrets to their marriage which they’ve chosen to keep from the other. It’s very much a ’Pandora’s Box’ story, in that of course the ‘Box’ gets cracked open and all Hell breaks loose. However, it’s much more. It’s also the story of a woman’s desperate pursuit of God & salvation, in addition to being a blisteringly honest look at our country’s various religious sub-divisions, and how they’re often breeding grounds for segregation, violence & fear.
The short teaser (as seen on the IndieGoGo fundraiser page), ‘Ghosts Of Zion’ came to fruition via a ‘challenge’ issued by esteemed composer Michael Nyman to up and coming filmmakers. His challenge was to put motion to his music. Stever did, and the word of mouth has been amazing. In addition, it was not only featured on ‘Shooting People,’ but made it onto their Leader Board.
And so "Ghosts of Zion" continues its search for funding, & Associate Producerships.
Make no mistake, ‘Ghosts Of Zion’ has all the makings to be a true ‘Sleeper Hit.’ View the materials, then please donate TODAY!

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