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Monday, December 14, 2009

Guest blogger Leah Meyerhoff's Favorite Panels of 2009

To launch The Film Panel Notetaker into a new year, we have opened a fundraiser onKickstarter.com, which we hope you will visit and contribute to help us expand and grow our efforts to continue to bring you helpful notes and information from more film festivals and events in 2010. Our fundraiser is now live and you can start to contribute here. "Help us go, so you can be in the know!" Thank you very much, and happy holidays!

The Film Panel Notetaker reached out to filmmakers, industry pros, and cinephiles to ask them what their favorite panel discussions and Q&As of 2009 were based on the following five questions:

1) Name of panel discussion or film where there was a Q&A
2) At which film festival, conference, theater, etc. did it take place?
3) Date (if you can recall)
4) Your affiliation (were you moderator, panelist, audience?)
5) Why did you like this particular panel or Q&A?

Here's what filmmaker Leah Meyerhoff ("Twitch," "Team Queen," and her upcoming feature debut "Unicorns") had to say:

1) Everyone Else Q&A
2) New York Film Festival
3) Oct 4th
4) audience
5) The Q&A for one of my favorite films at the festival was worth waiting around for. It was inspirational to hear how director Maren Ade stayed true to her vision and made a small performance-based films against all odds.

1) T. C. Boyle and Mary Gaitskill
2) New Yorker Festival
3) Oct 16th
4) audience
5) It was interesting to hear how writers feel about watching their short stories get translated to the big screen.

1) Casting for Indies Panel
2) IFP Industry Connect
3) Oct 22nd
4) panelist
5) This IFP event with casting directors Zoe Rotter and Jessica Kelly was one of the best panels I have been on in recent memory. Since I strongly believe that casting is 90% of directing, it is a subject that filmmakers can't afford to overlook. Both fun and educational, the panel sparked a lively discussion about the challenges of casting name actors versus the complexities of working with unknowns. Afterward, many audience members stuck around to continue the conversation well into the night.



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