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Sunday, June 28, 2009

NewFest Pop Star on Ice Interviews with Johnny and Paris

Pop Star on Ice
Interviews with Johnny Weir and Paris Childers
June 11, 2009
By Kelly Deegan

Paris Childers and Johnny Weir. Photo by Brian Geldin.

This is a quick bonus for fans of the film, figure skating, and fabulous men.

After the screening I was very excited to speak to the stars. First I cornered Paris. We discussed Nina Flowers, stereotypes in gay film, MAC makeup, Liza Minnelli, and a few things about Pop Star on Ice.

Deegan: The lines that you had were so good.

Childers: I’m known for one-liners. They just come around every now and then

Deegan: Why is it such a big deal if a figure skater is gay? I don’t get it!

Childers: There are closeted people in figure skating. I think it’s seen as such a feminine sport you have to prove you’re not gay because everyone perceives femininity for being gay.

Deegan: Did you enjoy experience?

Childers: I did. It was great. We got up early this morning and went to MAC to get our makeup done. It was weird seeing it on the big screen. I’ve seen it at home. Did you guys like the film?

Deegan: Oh my god I loved it.

A few other people got to Paris, and I swiftly moved to Johnny before anyone else got to him. He graciously spoke to me, and I am still charmed.

Deegan: What did it feel like to have the cameras around you all the time?

Weir: The only time I ever get uncomfortable is when I have a pimple. That’s the only time I feel uncomfortable, I have no problem being myself. The great thing about the movie is that nothing was scripted, except obviously putting us in the bubble bath.

Deegan: Yes but the conversation going on in the bubble bath I assume would occur on other occasions?

Weir: I am crack house crazy.

Deegan: Yeah me too. I really related to the part where you and Paris were dressing up and taking pictures of yourselves. I was all, “That’s what me and my friend do!”

Weir: Fantastic.

Deegan: So um, are you still filming?

Weir: Yes we’re still filming it. They’re going to film me leading up into the Olympics. We’re getting ready to go to Canada to shoot the choreography for my new programs. They’re troopers. They spend a lot of time in the ice rink filming things that nobody else wants to see.

Deegan: Do you participate in the production?

Weir: If I remember something or I see something in a playback that’s beautiful and I want it in there, I’ll tell them I want that in there - and they’ll do it because they have too. (Laughs) In general they are very talented.


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