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Monday, June 02, 2008

Brooklyn International Film Festival - "Able Danger" - May 30, 2008

Brooklyn International Film Festival
Opening Night – Able Danger
May 30, 2008

Sander Hicks and Paul Krik at Able Danger Q&A.

On Friday, I attended the opening night film of 11th Brooklyn International Film Festival (BIFF), where I saw the U.S. premiere of Able Danger written and directed by Paul Krik, who did a One-on-One Q&A with me recently. Krik was on hand after the screening for a Q&A, along with Vox Pop owner Sander Hicks, whose book The Big Wedding: 9/11, The Whistle Blowers & The Cover Up, is a major part of the story within the film. BIFF Executive Director Marco Ursino made some opening remarks and then introduced the animated short film Hezurbeltzak, A Common Grave from Spain which played right before Able Danger. Other filmmakers whose films are playing throughout the festival that were in the audience included Gaza, Souvenirs director Samuel Albaric (June 2 at 10pm, Lyceum and June 3 at 5pm, Brooklyn Heights Cinema), Just Make Believe writer/director Jadrien Steele (June 6 at 7pm, Lumenhouse and June 8 at 4pm, Lyceum) and The Local director Dan Eberle (June 3 at 8pm, Lyceum and June 6, Lyceum).

Krik was asked how he felt the media portrayed the happenings of 9/11. He said there were definitely a lot of untruths that were handed out in the mainstream media. Hicks’ book convinced him of a lot of things. In answer to why he didn’t make a documentary instead of a narrative on the topic, Krik replied that he wanted to make a really good date movie that was fun to go to. As for the time frame in making the film, Krik said he thought about the idea a lot when Bush won the last election. It took around one year to write the screenplay, and it was shot a year ago.

One audience member asked Krik to clarify what he meant by “the media is lying,” asking if he is misplacing the blame by saying that. Krik replied that the word “broadcast” really is true. There are three networks that reach the broadest base. With the media oligarchy structure, corporate interests are being served and there is censorship. Hicks also replied saying, “I think you’re being awfully kind to the media, sir.” Hicks said that if the media is repeating a lie without corroborating it, that’s irresponsible reporting. Hicks also noted that there were activists in the audience who were collecting signatures for a petition to open an independent investigation. A total of 30,000 signatures are needed to get the initiative onto the ballot in the November elections.

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