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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Maria the Korean Bride Film Showcase last night

Last night, I went to The Collective Unconscious, where the trailer for the documentary I Associate Produced, "NO Cross, NO Crown," was screened, along with another short film I produced called "Jack Quack: The Path." Both films directed by A.M. Peters of dinomonster films.

"NO Cross, NO Crown" is a timely and engaging feature documentary that examines whether New Orleans’ music and culture will survive the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

"Jack Quack: The Path" is an animated short about a rubber ducky that keeps having weird dreams, and goes on a mission to solve the mystery.

Maria the Korean Bride Film Showcase (curated by Aimee Dixon)

The films and filmmakers featured were:

"Maria the Korean Bride-Why Marriage?" by Maria Yoon

"The Menace" by William Sutphin

"NO Cross, NO Crown" (trailer) by A.M. Peters

"Jack Quack" by A.M. Peters

"The Ticketmaster" by Arthur Banton

"Vivian: a Period Piece" by Aimee Dixon

"The Revolving Door" by Aimee Dixon

A filmmaker Q&A proceeded the screenings. Present were Maria Yoon, Aimee Dixon, Amy Peters and Arthur Banton.


At 9:26 PM , Blogger Andy said...

I was also in the audience as I had recently interviewed Maria The Korean Bride for an audio piece (now in the collection of the Third Coast Festival's 99 Ways To Tell A Story.) I did not get the filmaker's intention for "Vivian" but as I watched I did create my own explanation to understand Vivian's childish out-of-control behavior and her friend's tolerance of it. Banton's "Ticketmaster" was funny and fun, and with a large cast, and I was engaged.

At 10:21 AM , Blogger The Film Panel Notetaker said...

Thanks for posting a comment, Andy. There were a couple of people that night that also did not get the intention for "Vivian." Because "Vivian's" slug line is "A Period Piece," I sort of assumed it would be about the monthly cycle, and due to my assumption, I figured out fairly early in that my assumption was correct :)


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